Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Stump Removal from professionals with years of experience.

Randolph NJ Tree Service has the experience necessary to get the job done properly every time. We also have the stump grinder needed for your job. Smaller stumps need a smaller grinder. Large stumps need a larger grinder. We have the proper size for your job and the team of experts that know how to use the equipment correctly and with safety in mind at all times.

Stump Removal

Whereas tree cutting might not seem a challenging task, stump removal can be quite daunting. However, in as much as it is daunting, it is doable. This can be done more easily by getting the right techniques and methods. The good thing is, there are several viable options available for this activity.

To begin, several reasons precipitate the presence of a stump. Nature, caused by heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms, is the common cause. So to say, nature is the leading cause of the need for emergency tree services. That said, there are several reasons to remove a stump.

Reasons for Removing a Stump 

Leaving the stump after cutting down the tree may not make much sense. Some of the common reasons for removing the stump include:

  • Eyesores. For sure, gazing at a stamp out in the yard or the sight of old stumps dotting all over your landscape may not be pleasant. They nurture weeds that start growing on them inevitably.
  • Reclaiming space. Stumps may take up much valuable space that could hinder various activities.
  • Hazardous. Whereas some stumps may be huge enough to be visible, some may be camouflaged by grass and weeds making them tripping hazards.

Assessing the Tree Stump 

While some stumps may be easier to remove, others could be challenging. Therefore, assessing the stump is of immense importance as it guides in choosing the appropriate technique to use. For instance, the stump of a pine tree has shallow and wide roots making it easier to be removed. Besides the nature of the roots, the age and size of the tree are other determinants to be assessed when planning to remove a stump. Bearing that in mind, there are four basic methods of removing a stump. The methods are highlighted below.

Methods of Removing Tree Stumps 

Some of the methods of eliminating unsightly tree stumps include:

  1. Mechanical removal using a tree stump grinder

This is perhaps the most common method used by individuals. When attempting stump grinding, wearing proper safety gear is prudent. The equipment includes long-sleeved shirts, long pants, steel toe boots and eye protection. Basically, the procedure involves the use of a tree stump grinder.

  1. Manual removal

This is a better choice for small sized stumps or those with shallow roots. However, this method does not remove everything. Some roots are left behind. Begin by digging a trench around the stump to expose the roots as much as possible. Proceed by cutting the major roots using an ax or a saw. Once the roots are axed, the stump will automatically become weak.

  1. Removal with fire

It is a common choice for large tree stumps. It simply involves lighting the stump from holes drilled in the stump. The fire is ignited by pouring kerosene into the stump before lighting it. When using this method, it is important to take caution by keeping children and pets off the stump.

  1. Chemical removal

Various chemical products are available for removing tree stumps. These products expedite the decomposition of stumps. Some of the products include chemical fertilizers with high nitrogen content. They enhance gradual stump removal making the stump easier to remove.


Whether it is a normal stump removal or emergency tree services, it is important to take great caution. Weight on the time, effort, and cost incurred before undertaking this procedure. If you find this daunting, consider employing the services of professionals in this sector.

That said, stump grinding can be done by yourself or by professionals in tree service in Randolph NJ. As mentioned before, you will only require the right equipment. Before proceeding, you will need to assess the stump.
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