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Lot Clearing can be a daunting task unless you have the proper equipment. Let the experts in Lot Clearing at Randolph NJ Tree Service handle the job.

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We bring years of experience to the table and can get the job done quickly and with no problems. We work with you and mark all trees and areas that need attention.

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We then set a date that we plan to begin the work, weather permitting of course. When we arrive we have everything to get the job done correctly. If we have any questions along the way we have got your contact information if we need to call you. Rest easy as we are going to impress you with the performance of our work. We guarantee it!

A Synopsis On Lot Clearing 

Trees are of invaluable benefit to personal lives. However, the need to clear or remove some trees may arise anytime. This could be primed by various factors including the need to build a house in the area. Also for possible safety reasons or provide a clean and uniform look to the whole property. Undertaking this task personally can be quite daunting. However, having the right tools and equipment could make the whole process easy. Nevertheless, if you feel it is too much for you, consider employing the services of Randolph NJ Tree Service “Lot Clearing Services” professionals.

What Is Lot Clearing? 

To begin, lot clearing involves all the activities of removing trees, vegetation, and stumps from a previously wooded area. The final result of this activity is a clear land, ready for utilization. There are various ways of undertaking this activity. Some of the methods are mentioned below.

Methods of Lot Clearing 

In Randolph NJ Tree Service “Lot Clearing Services,” there are three mainstay methods of clearing lots. Choosing the right method depends on various considerations including how much cost and time is involved and what the land will be used for after clearing. The methods include:


Before engaging a bulldozer, it is prudent to clear any valuable tree in the land. For instance, begin by engaging timber brokers who can harvest some timber from grown trees. Other sizeable trees can be cut and sold as logs. After harvesting the important plants, use the bulldozer to clear the land completely. The bulldozer clears small trees, bushes, and stumps. Despite being a cheaper method of conducting lot clearing, bulldozing may clear out the topsoil. This is because topsoil attaches itself to the stump roots being cleared.

Finding a perfect place to dump the debris cleared by the bulldozer is also important. This is because the accumulated debris can pile creating eyesores. Therefore, allow the debris to dry for several months before burning them.

Mulch Clearing 

Mulch lot clearing is a sophisticated form of Randolph NJ Tree Service “Lot Clearing Services.” So to say, it requires the interventions of a mulch clearing company. Therefore, a thorough search should be undertaken to find the best company with an excellent mulching machine. It is an ideal choice for those who need to clear small trees or have an area that needs to be cleared around trees.

The mulch machine works by knocking over small trees and bushed grinding them into the mulch. Therefore, there will be nothing left to pile, unlike bulldozing method. Furthermore, topsoil is not damaged during the process. However, it is the most expensive method of lot clearing.


This is a traditional method that is still being put to practice currently. Goats, despite being a source of meat and milk, can aid in lot clearing. It is a perfect method for lands with small vegetation that can be eaten by goats. All you need to do is build a fence around the area. It is an inexpensive method but takes much time.


Lot clearing is among the easy tree services to undertake. However, for guaranteed success, understanding the nature of the vegetation, intended land use after clearing and weighing the cost should be priority considerations. Consider experienced professionals for mulch clearing.

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